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All orders require a deposit of half the item cost, under any circumstances with the item be release with out finale payment and release agreement. In order to secure your spot for any custom piece there is a $50 non-refundable consultation fee that must be paid prior to consultation appointment.If you decide to move forward with getting a custom piece done by RedD then a deposit of 50% will be deducted from your total cost of your item and added to cart. Consultations are usually 45 minutes to an hour. Only 2 guest are allowed at the fitting/consultation. Please arrive to consultation on time. Late arrivals will require a $25 late fee or additional $50 to reschedule another consultation.

*All garments require a payment of half the total cost of garment up front to cover all material cost

*garments usually take 2-4 weeks to be made depending on when order was placed. For any questions please contact us on our website: https://www.reddnmore.com or email reddandmore@gmail.com
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