Please read before ordering an item that says PRE-ORDER ***If ordering an item while it is still a preorder, you are receiving a discounted price! Once this item goes off of preorder, the price will be adjusted to regular pricing***
A pre-order is something that is currently not in stock, but we are allowing orders before they arrive to our warehouse.

These are typically very popular items!
We want to make sure we order enough items. We are constantly growing and selling more products than before. We only list pre-orders on VERY popular items or items that we are restocking
We will charge your card at the time of purchase, so that we may hold the item for you.
Each one is different and we give an estimated date on the description of the item.

Please also understand, that sometimes pre-orders can take longer than our estimated arrival time. Sometimes there are things that are out of our hands, that can change the delivery date. We work very hard to deliver by the date you expect.

On the flip side of this, many orders come in well before there estimated date also! The date listed is estimated. If you need an item by a certain date, we suggest letting us know, so if the date does get changed, we can inform you.
If the preorder is not in by the time we tell you, we will always send you a discount code on your next purchase.

However, we can also cancel your order and refund or you may choose something else! We understand wanting things in a timely manner and we are here to make the sometimes frustrating delays as easy as possible
You can refer to our size guide or take the guess work out of measuring and purchase our sizing sample pack to ensure the perfect fit.
We recommend a professional nail glue such as IBD 5 Second Nail Glue or KDS Nail Glue.
It really all depends on how well you prep your natural nails before application, how rough you are on your hands and your choice of adhesive. With nails tabs you can wear them for a few days or a few hours if you're wearing them for a special occasion. With nail glue, for about 1 to 3 weeks.
Make sure to follow our Nail Prep instructions included with your order. This step is key to long wear. In addition, you can apply a Dehydrator and primer for better adhesion. This is the same product nail techs use before gel or acrylic application so the product can adhere to your nails.

You can also try using both adhesive tabs and nail glue together. Follow nail prep instructions and apply the nail tabs. Then apply nail glue over the tabs or on the back of the nail. Press and hold the nails in place for a few seconds. This dual adhesive combo allows longer wear time.
Yes. The use of nail tabs will make the nails reusable.

For those that prefer nail glue, I would suggest purchasing an inexpensive electric nail file. It'll gently buff away any built up glue on the back of the nails and give you many more wears.
Yes. you can order your replacement nail here.
Yes, our nails are made with hard gel and several coats of gel polish. The hard gel makes the nails hard yet flexible enough to fit comfortably on the nails. For an additional charge we can add a thin layer of acrylic (instead of the hard gel) for added strength and durability. See our Add On menu to add this to your nail sets.
We do! If you have a concept in mind or seen something that inspires you just send us a message so we can chat ideas together.
Yes, all sets are made to order and may be customized to your liking. If you prefer a different color, matte or glossy finish, shorter length or small design changes simply make a note in the special requests. For bigger changes that include adding on more or changing crystals please contact us first to approve changes or invoice your for a custom order.
All sets come with 10 nails in the size you select. If a listing has a Full Set option that set comes with 24 nails.
All nail orders come with a mini nail file, cuticle pusher, buffer, alcohol prep pad and application and removal instructions.
*Please note that this turnaround is for creation time/ when we ship your order. Not how long it'll take for delivery. How fast you receive your order once we have shipped it out depends on the shipping fee you pay at checkout. First Class: 3-5 Business Days. Priority 1-3 Business Days. Priority Express: 1 Business Day.

Press On Nails: Due to high volume of orders our current turn around is about 1+week. THIS IS JUST AN ESTIMATE. We do not guarantee that your order will be shipped within this time frame. They may be shipped sooner but can certainly take longer its only me and all nails are done by hand by me. This is due to the amount of nail sets purchased in each order. Bigger orders take longer to complete which in turn causes some delays. Also keep in mind, that all sets are made to order and worked on, in the order they were received. All of our nails are handcrafted solely by RedD Nailz of RedD & More. If you need nails right away please take a look at our ready to ship items (they ship within 3-5 business days)

Sizing Sample Packs: 3-5 Business Days.

Ready To Ship: 3-5 Business Days.

* Please note that if you purchase a made to order set along with a ready to ship item your order will NOT be shipped right away. I suggest to order separately so you can receive your ready to ship nails quicker.

We truly appreciate your business and thank you for your patience as we make our way to your order.
No Not Yet I'm sorry.
We offer a limited of Rush shipping per month.
Yes of course. Simply contact us to make sure we have received it then pay the reshipping fee so we can send it back out.
We gladly accept cancellations within 24 hours of purchase.

But due to the nature of SOME our products(body suits, intimates, nails…); all sales are final (except in the case of products delivered in defective or damaged state. If so, email and include an image of the defective or damaged product).

**Please read all information listed under the item description before ordering. Be aware of turn around time frame and make sure you size your nails correctly as we are not held responsible if the wrong size is ordered.

Also, double check shipping information before checking out. We are not held responsible for DELIVERED packages with incorrect information. If there’s an apartment number make sure you enter it to avoid a Return To Sender issue.

If you move during your wait to receive your order, please update us with the new address. We are not held responsible for packages delivered to the wrong address.
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